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A Voice For The Innocent

A Voice For The Innocent is a community of support for those affected by rape and sexual abuse. It is a safe, anonymous space for sharing stories and fostering strong relationships between people who have had similar experiences. We also strive to provide access to external resources for those who need it, and pride ourselves on being responsive and easily accessible within our communities.

Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence

OAESV has wide-ranging expertise in prevention of sexual violence and providing trauma-informed response with survivors. OAESV staff travel extensively throughout Ohio to meet the needs of rape crisis programs and allied organizations in Ohio.

Women's Crisis Center

Women’s Crisis Center is an accredited 501(c) (3) nonprofit social service agency committed to the empowerment of survivors of domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, and human trafficking. All services are free and confidential. WCC provides a 24-hour crisis line, emergency shelter, safety planning, counseling, court advocacy, hospital advocacy, educational programs and hope for thousands of families every year.